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The Society for Creative Anachronism got its start in 1960's Berkley, CA at a party held by one of the founding members.  It has spread from there to be a world wide organization, with approximately 30,000 paying members, whose aim is to recreate the best parts of the Medieval period (approximately 500-1500 CE).  The SCA holds hundreds of sponsored events each year with the purpose of fostering its members creativity and skill within their chosen arts or sciences.  For a great introduction to the SCA, check out the SCA Online Demo.
      Within Alaska, the Kingdom of the West, the first kingdom, holds sway, we are ruled by the Prince and Princess of Oertha through their deputies the Baron and Baroness of Eskalya.
      Further information on the SCA is available through the main SCA Site

      If you are looking for the webpage of the Kingdom of the West, which comprises Northern California and Nevada, Alaska, Japan, Korea and Pacific Rim, please use this link.

      The Principality of Oertha webpage, which encompasses Alaska, can be found here 

      For more information about the Barony of Eskalya please contact the Seneschal, at seneschal@eskalya.org.

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